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At Jaguar Water & Sewer Services Ltd, we firmly believe the best advertising is the voice of referral from past clients. Our clients have found our work to be worthy of praise and many have generously provided written testimonials. We would like to take this opportunity to thank these, and all our clients, for considering Jaguar Water & Sewer Services Ltd and generously providing such positive feedback!

Thank you to the entire team at Jaguar Water and Sewer Services Ltd for their outstanding commitment to providing exceptional customer service.  From my initial phone call requesting a quote to the office support given throughout the process to the completion of the job of replacing my sewer lines the experience was positive.  It was great to watch this amazing team work coming together to get the task done with minimal disruption to my yard and making sure I understood what needed to be done.

Norma W.

Jaguar Water & Sewer Services came highly recommended by our plumber who identified a dip in our sewer line that ultimately caused the flooding of our basement. Jaguar quickly responded and assessed our problem, recommending to schedule our line replacement in the spring season to lower our costs. Spring came early and so did Jaguar.  Following their video scoping of the sewer and storm drains, they quickly narrowed down the problem area. The team cut our concrete, excavated, replaced the sections of sewer and storm lines, and backfilled the trench in a single day. The Jaguar team was very professional from initial planning to job completion. Our neighbours also appreciated the communication and excellent management of the construction site. The disruption to our services was minimal thanks to the hard work of this professional crew.  Well done Jaguar!

Joe & Lorrie D.

Thank you so much for such wonderful service for my Mom..is was truly appreciated how quickly your team arrived and how pleasant and professional they were.

Jim was beyond fantastic from the time he was called. Came out quickly and provided a quote and did the service the next day. Very clean..no worries about the cream colored carpet.. they provided tarps..

Would ABSOLUTELY recommend this company for any ditching needs!!

C. R., Edmonton

We would like to offer our thanks to the entire team at Jaguar for a job well done from start to finish – AAA+++!  Your installation team was able to save a shrub that initially looked like it would have to be removed, and the clean-up of the entire workspace was ‘back to original’ – amazing!  Great information and support from the office through the whole process and excellent execution – two thumbs up! 

Jay & Patti F., Edmonton

I would like to thank Al and his staff from Jaguar for their excellent and prompt service to replace my sewer line. They were all professional, courteous and friendly from the quote through the installation (including the office staff). The site was kept clean (cleaner than I thought possible when digging holes) and disruptions kept to a minimum. I would certainly feel comfortable recommending them.

Paula C, Edmonton

I am totally impressed by the quality of the work completed in having our sewer line replaced. The contract outlined all the work activities and was easy to understand. The crew came out on time, talked over the plan with us and went straight to work. When done, they reviewed the work that was completed, walked us through the process for inspecting our backwater valve and ensured the work spaces were clean and clear of all debris. Amanda was great to work with and I appreciated her level of detail in outlining the permit/application process for the rebate.  Jaguar exceeded my expectations on so many levels and I would confidently refer Jaguar to friends and family!

J. Paradis, Edmonton

John and his crew were incredible – on time, professional, personable and tidy.  And when we had some drainage problems afterwards (the new sewer line was doing such a good job, drainage from our yard had no where to go anymore) John came back and spent several hours resolving the problem.  We can’t recommend them highly enough.  Thanks!

Kathy & Michael H., Edmonton

I was totally satisfied with the work done by Jaguar.  They are professional, have a good work ethic, are knowledgeable and so very efficient.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone having a sewer line repaired.  Thank you for your excellent service!!!

Diane E., Edmonton

On Tuesday the 21st of April I noticed water bubbling up from the main water shut off valve located on my driveway. I called the city and shortly after that a city worker was out to check the valve. He informed me I was responsible for the replacement and recommended Jaguar as a reputable company. I called and John responded he would be at my home in 20 minutes. John arrived and confirmed the problem. I then called and confirmed that the work was covered by our home insurance. It was less than three hours from the time that I noticed the problem to John having  our garden hose hooked up to our neighbors house to give us water till the job was completed. John stated the would be out Thursday morning and the job would be complete that day. On Thursday the crew arrived and was at work by 07:30. The valve and all work was completed by 13:00.

John and his crew were outstanding. Traffic control (the street I live on has a blind corner and is somewhat dangerous) signs were put out and the area was made safe. The crew worked efficiently and safely. John took time to answer any and all questions and showed me the difference between the old fitting and the new fitting, he also showed me the copper pipe and the location were it had failed.

There was minimal disturbance to my front yard and minimal concrete was cut. The clean up was outstanding.

For anyone who owns a home I would say two things. One, if you don’t have the sewer line home insurance get it. In my case it costs us $30 a year. Two, whether you have the insurance or not if you want quality work with attention to detail, safety and excellent customer service then call Jaguar.

Once again thanks to John  and the crew!

Rod L., Edmonton

The Team at Jaguar did an amazing job! Everything was handled super well and we truly felt like they cared about the problems we were facing and wanted to make it all as easy as possible for us. I would highly recommend!

Josh R., Edmonton

During the process of selling my home, we discovered that the sewer line on my property was collapsing and that it needed to be replaced immediately. This was initially a very stressful situation for me; however, getting in touch with Jaguar immediately relieved my concerns. They carried out the sewer line replacement quickly and in a professional manner, and they kept me informed through every step of the process. Jaguar is such a genuinely hard-working, respectful, and warm-hearted group. I couldn’t be more pleased with their work, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Danielle S., Edmonton

Add me to the list of satisfied clients that have secured services through Jaguar WSS. From the initial contact and quote, through to completion and clean up, communication, courtesy, and competence were exhibited at all times. It was a pleasure to do business with this family based company. Their strong work ethic, and respect for the client was appreciated. I highly recommend Jaguar, and wish them continuing success.

Chris D., St. Albert

A BIG THANK YOU to the entire team, who were absolutely amazing today!!!! It was dreadful out there and raining and cold, and I cannot believe how hard they worked and did everything so perfectly and with a smile. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! You guys rock!!!! Oh and thanks for training me on that pesky back water valve’s cleaning procedures too – I hope I will remember all the stuff you so patiently showed me and will make you proud!

Ruxandra & Bruce, Edmonton

We were very impressed with Jaguar from the evaluation and quote to the job. The crew clearly knew exactly what they were doing and were very pleasant.

Curtis L., St. Albert

We would like to sincerely thank the entire JAGUAR Team for doing a fabulous job repairing our water-line problems. Jaguar responded to our call for help right away. When they arrived to do the work, the crew members were easy to talk to and they explained all the processes along the way. They worked with efficiency and friendliness to finish the job neatly – and much more quickly than we had imagined was possible! It was so great to have running water again!

Thanks again to the entire Jaguar Team. We will definitely recommend your services to anyone needing them in the future.

Susan & Charlie K., Edmonton

Jaguar was referred to me by an established, reputable plumber. The crew provided a detailed quote to replace my sewer, did exactly what they said they were going to do and provided efficient, professional service. They worked extremely well with the City on my behalf and left the site clean and restored. I would highly recommend their services.

Mark B., Edmonton

At the end of January, 2016, an outside water pipe leak required repair in our front yard. This was very devastating news as homeowners. We can say with confidence that we made the right decision to hire Jaguar to solve the problem. We found their team to be polite, timely, understanding, sincere and very proficient in their line of work. This made dealing with what had happened much easier for us during the days it took to find the leak, change the pipe and put our yard back together. Thanks again for all your assistance, it was greatly appreciated. We will recommend your company to anyone who requires this type of repair.

Steve & Karen M.

We would like to express many thanks to the Jaguar Team!! We called late Sunday night due to a broken water line and by early Monday morning we had someone out giving us a quote and options available. Everyone we dealt with was extremely understanding and professional. We would definitely recommend your company to others!

Kendyll & Vincein S.

Thanks to Jaguar and their professionalism and efficient work ethic I was back in my house within days of my sewer line collapsing. Jim was the first one out to my house and right away I felt secure and confident that he was there to do the job and get it done right. They were very organized, had good well maintained equipment, had sufficient laborers to help them and everyone had a job to do and they did it very well.

They prepped the day before and by lunch time the next day I was up and running. There was very minimal evidence that they were even there! I would highly recommend them and have already. The difference between Jaguar and other companies that could offer the same services is they care about their work and the quality of it which is hard to come by!

The O. family, Edmonton

Jaguar is a truly professional company with a focus on client service. They performed the work on time with minimal disruption to existing landscaping. Their years of experience gave us confidence in their work.

Corey M., Edmonton

Although in the end we did not sign a contract with you as we were able to get our required work done by the developer’s contractor under warranty, we were very happy with the cooperation and willingness displayed by your company.

If in the future we require similar services we will certainly contact you and we would recommend your company to others.

Doug C., Edmonton

For any future work we may require in our 59 unit complex, your company would be my first choice. The staff kept me completely informed of their schedule and what would be done. It was an absolute pleasure to have them on site. Courteous and professional would be the words to describe your company.

Fred C., Edmonton

I was so impressed with your staff that took care of our property. We were not planning on doing the changeover, but when Chris approached me bright and early that morning we thought “why wait”. We were impressed with their workmanship as we couldn’t even tell they had to dig up all my plants. Everything was back in the right place and, like I said, you couldn’t even tell they were there.

I am 100% satisfied with your employees’ workmanship and high level of professionalism.

Jennifer R. & Trevor B., Edmonton

I would like to express my appreciation for the work done replacing our sewer line. It was quite surprising how quickly it all transpired as I believe it was less than a week from the date we agreed to having the service done to the date of completion. The work commenced on a Wednesday and was completed by the time I came home from work the next day…

It was a pleasant surprise to come home and discover there was no long trench line spanning the length of our lawn. The only thing to indicate we had our sewer line replaced was two small areas (about a meter square) that we easily fixed with a couple pieces of sod … The employees even took the time to put our landscape rock back into position and they put the one shrub that was an issue into a bucket for us to plant and save.

All of the employees who I had dealings with, both the office personnel as well as the field staff were friendly, courteous and pleasant to deal with. As a final note, I was quite impressed with the technology that enabled them to come in and do the work with minimal damage to our lawn, shrubs and trees.

Thank you very much!

Jim C., St. Albert

We were very happy with the work done by Jaguar. The guys came when they said they would, they were efficient and discussed with us the steps that they would be doing to solve the issue of our broken water main. We were concerned that our yard would be destroyed because of the wide, deep holes they had to dig but I have to say that you almost can’t tell they were ever there!

Only a small patch of grass is missing next to the flower bed and this will easily fill in this summer. We would definitely recommend Jaguar for all the right reasons.

Joanne & Ted Y., Edmonton

When your company came to repair our water leak, they were extremely professional! We are very impressed with the overall quality of their work and customer service! We would not hesitate to refer Jaguar to anyone else that would need your assistance.

Lee and Heather B., Edmonton

When my water line leak emerged as a trickle on my basement floor, I wasn’t sure who to call and Jaguar Water & Sewer Services was recommended.

Jim arrived the next morning armed with an RF tracer and a camera to determine any sewer line breaches as well as figure out how best to attack the repair process. It didn’t take long to confirm a leaking water line between the City supply line and my meter, and to find an access panel where they could do the repairs with as little effect on my basement slab as possible.

This morning’s repair process went without a hitch. Your crew were here early, were organized and had enough people to get the job done efficiently, and completed the repairs well before lunchtime. They left the place as clean as they found it, and displayed courtesy and concern for my property throughout the entire repair process. I am quite impressed with the job and the result.

Rod H., Edmonton

I am very satisfied with the service provided by Jaguar Water & Sewer Services Ltd. The process was very easy and my family and I experienced very little disruption. The workers were very efficient and polite. I will recommend your company to anyone that can utilize your services.


Suzanne H., EdmontonCondo Owner

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Tony P., Edmonton

We were very impressed with the entire crew. It was immediately apparent that the entire crew was very knowledgeable and efficient. The water line in our front yard broke on the weekend leaving us without water & a new line was installed and functional by Tuesday without the need to dig complete trenches. From a customer service perspective, Jaguar was aware of the significant inconvenience to us and had us up and running with minimal impact to the landscaping. Well done!

The M. Family

I’m very pleased with the service received from Jaguar. Jim responded promptly to my request for a quote, and John, who completed the estimate work, was on time, careful to remove his boots, used drop sheets, and scoped the line to have an accurate assessment. I received a quick response to my questions on the quote. I appreciated that Jim was proactive in moving my work up a couple of days to avoid extreme cold temperatures and snow. John and crew completed the work within the day and my house and yard were left clean. Care was taken to have minimal damage to the deck that had to be removed and reassembled.

Deanne, Edmonton

Your team did great. I thought they were very professional. Thanks again, and would not hesitate to use you in the future.

Carson W., Cobob Pumps & Services Ltd.

My brother and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your fabulous team for a fantastic job! Not only did you provide the services as quoted, on time, your team was very polite, discussed things in a positive manner and resolved any issues effectively and efficiently! I will definitely recommend your company to others.

Thanks again for a job well done!

Helen and Ron D.

“I would like to compliment your team on a job well done. John went over and above, coming out on a Saturday morning to walk me through the quote and process. This was more than any other company did in sending me a quote for the work. This was one of the driving forces in my decision to have them complete the work, their attention to detail. During the process they walked me through each step of the work and provided me with text and pictures as I was unable to be on site during the work. Looking at my property, you would never know your team was there, it pretty much stayed untouched. I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

Alan C., Edmonton

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