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Jim, Al, Gord and John Stiksma have worked in the sewer industry for over 35 years and have taken pride in every aspect of their work. The brothers come from a history of strong family values and hold dearly to a traditional work ethic routed in faith and commitment.

Early on, they began as pipe layers, paying their dues with long hours and strenuous work. Their mentors quickly rewarded their hard work with ever increasing responsibility and independence. They learned well and, for many years, managed their own crew. Eventually, they branched out on their own and formed Jaguar Water & Sewer Services Ltd as part of their dream for an independent and rewarding career as business owners and operators.

They have since secured success through their commitment to hard work, honest communication and the highest of ethical standards. Their experience is evident in their work.

35 Years of Experience in Edmonton's Sewer Industry

  • With over 35 years’ experience as bookkeeper, administrator and office manager in the underground utilities industry, Amanda has worked with the four brothers since the beginning of her career. Also from a family routed in hard work and strong values, she learned her craft from her parents, who were both successful accountants, and valued the mentorship of several role models in the engineering and contracting industries.Her role involves courteous and efficient customer service, administrative support, financial record keeping and maintenance of the company’s Safety Program. Jaguar Water & Sewer Services Ltd has achieved the Certificate of Recognition (COR) for Safety Excellence.

Proven Track Record

Repeatedly recommended by municipalities, homeowners and business owners alike, Jaguar Water & Sewer Services Ltd has thrived almost entirely through “word of mouth” advertising. Customers cite the cost-effective, efficient, professional and thorough approach to the provision of quality sewer and water line repair and replacement. There is no greater honour for us than the recommendation of our customers!

We Put Customers First

Our customers truly are a valued group! When customers are satisfied, they tell their friends and neighbours, and concerns about sewer backups or interruptions to water service are completely alleviated. In fact, customers find our services noteworthy and have generously provided testimonials. Check them out on the testimonials page of this site!

Together with their employees, the founders of Jaguar Water & Sewer Services Ltd are pleased to be of service to both new and well established customers – all sincerely valued!

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